caring for tropical plants

How to Care for Your Spring Blooming Plants

Give Your Plants the TLC, Water, Nutrients, and Sunlight for Optimal Growing

We are delighted to see the blooms that emerge as the season turns. Whether it’s a spathiphyllum or a lovely hibiscus, plant owners can keep their blooms healthy and strong with a few simple steps.

Hardening Them Off

Be careful when transitioning tropical plants that have been in your home during the cooler winter months back to the outdoors. Just as we can burn easily when first exposed to sun after months of winter, so too can your plants. Be sure to gradually reintroduce your plants to direct sunlight, starting with just an hour or two per day. After 10 to 14 days, your plants should be able to be outdoors fully.

Feeding Them

New digs are important for plants that have spent the entire winter in the same soil. A new, fresh batch of soil will help to strengthen those spring blooms by adding nutrients and a fresh home in a new pot. Fertilization is often important, especially when introduced to new soil and sunlight.

Cleaning Them

Spruce up the plants by removing dead leaves and other debris. If you know of branches that are dead, you can prune them. Look for and treat any bug infestations. In some cases, you don’t even need to use a pesticide. You can dust off the plants in your shower or using your kitchen sink sprayer, or wipe them with a clean, damp cloth.

Watering Them

Water carefully to adjust to warmer temperatures and locations. For established spathiphyllum plants, for example, and inch of water per week is usually enough to do the trick. Use tepid water and know that more might be necessary during growth periods or when temperatures heat up.

Sheltering Them

Protect in stormy weather in the spring months by making sure your plants are protected from the rain and wind. Especially newly repotted or blooming plants can be vulnerable to damage and can even be snapped in two. Be sure that pots are situated so they will not be blown over and broken.

Support Them

Put a stake in it if you have tropical plants that need a little extra support in the springtime. Staking should be done in early spring so plants can grow in and around the stakes and have newly emerging flower heads or thin stems supported.

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